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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions and All Regulations for Alpaca Camping; In consideration of my Posey Pacas camping and walking experience. I understand that all activities and experiences I participate in are done at my own risk and I accept all responsibility. Posey Pacas accepts no liability for any; injuries, loss or damage to my personal property that may occur whilst staying or participating in these activities or  experiences.

• No Under 18’s allowed.

• Strictly no dogs allowed on site at any time.

• This is a working farm so farm machinery and animals may be in use or on the farm at any given point.

• Our gates will be locked at 9:30pm, please ensure if you go out then you arrive back before this time as you will not be granted access after this time and bookings will not be refunded if you arrive back later than 9:30pm.

• Access to the rest of the farm is NOT prohibited .

• No Fires inside or outside of the tent are allowed, a BBQ will be provided and you can use this for cooking.

• Arrival is at 4pm and check out is 10:30am prompt.

• If the weather is deemed unsuitable for the walking experience which starts at 9:15am the next morning, a 30% refund or the chance to reschedule for the walk only will be given.

• All bookings are non refundable, once you book your alpaca camping experience you commit to the date booked.

• In the event that you can no longer attend a confirmed booking, please let us know 14 days prior to the booking date.

• Whilst taking part in the alpaca trek or the camping experience, if any participants behaviour towards the animals, or the staff are deemed unacceptable, you will be asked to leave site with no refunds.

• No smoking is permitted whilst in the vicinity of or whilst handling any animals or inside or close to the tent.

• Please ensure you wear correct and suitable clothing and footwear for the alpaca trekking experience.

• In the event that the weather conditions on the day are deemed, by us, as extreme, dangerous or not acceptable to take part in, we have the right to cancel and re-arrange bookings.

• You are liable to any damage or loss (deliberate or negligence) to the tent or furniture/ equipment, caused by you or a member of your booking party. We will charge towards or full compensation for anything broken, stolen or damaged during your stay.
• Please make sure you do a sweep of the room for any of your belongings or left over food/rubbish

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