Meet the herd.

We take walks out multiple times a day and try to swap our Alpaca round so they're not going out too many times and getting bored. They also click better with certain alpacas so we pre plan our groups sometimes. We can not promise you can choose your alpaca however they are all brilliant and lovely in their own ways!



Joey is the leader of our herd and also our stud male,  he's very proud and thinks he's superior to everyone. It is with this demeanour comes his charming personality that is hard to resist! 

A very brave walker and un-phased by anything.



Ace is our most confident walker, he is always up front leading and is very happy doing so. Always happy, a people pleaser and very very greedy. A favourite of everyone and great at taking selfies!



Quade is our Suri Alpaca. He has big ears and a big personality. He is super friendly and loves a scratch in the bushes when he goes for his walk.



Pip is a bit of a scaredy cat, he likes a lot of gentle encouragement from his friends but he is a very happy boy and just wants a bit of a stroke now and then.



Nanook is very friendly, loves a cuddle and food! He is a little grumpy with the other alpacas and would rather be with people!



Simba is a lovely alpaca who is very calm and friendly. He's great for a cuddle, a bit of a chatterbox  and always like to sneak a snack in when out walking.



Buttons is a vey cheeky alpaca. He's currently in training for alpaca walks and should be out with us by the end of Summer.



Oreo is one of our friendliest alpacas, he's loved by everyone who comes. He has just finished his training and is out walking with everyone!



Mowgli is a very cute alpaca! He likes to talk a lot whilst we're walking but can be a little bit stubborn and should be out with our guests soon!



Malibu is the youngest of our baby alpacas but the most well behaved so he has finished his training and is already out walking in groups!



Marley is the double of his dad Joey! Personality wise, he thinks he's just as entitled as Joey too! 

He has been on a few group walks and has finished his training now.

Ace and Nanook
Ace and Nanook

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Joey and nanook
Joey and nanook

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Buttons, Mowgli and Oreo
Buttons, Mowgli and Oreo

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Ace and Nanook
Ace and Nanook

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