Meet the herd.

We take walks out multiple times a day and try to swap our Alpaca round so they're not going out too many times and getting bored. They also click better with certain alpacas so we pre plan our groups sometimes. We can not promise you can choose your alpaca however they are all brilliant and lovely in their own ways!


Joey is the leader of our herd,  he's very proud and thinks he's superior to everyone. It is with this demeanour comes his charming personality that is hard to resist! 

A very brave walker and un-phased by anything.


Ace is our most confident walker, he is always up front leading and is very happy doing so. Always happy and a people pleaser. A favourite of everyone and great at taking selfies!


Rio is our oldest Alpaca, he is 16 years old and is semi retired now. He is very friendly and cuddly and is great with kids. 


Pip is a bit of a scaredy cat, he likes a lot of gentle encouragement from his friends but he is happy to do anything for you.


Quade is one of our Suri Alpacas. He has big ears and a big personality. He is super friendly and loves a scratch in the bushes when he goes for his walk.

 Marley, Mowgli, Malibu and Maggie

These 4 are our babies from last summer we bred- we are currently halter training them and hoping they will be out walking with us by the end of this year!


Nanook is very friendly, loves a cuddle and food! He is a little grumpy with the other alpacas and would rather be with people!


Percy is our baby we bred ourselves in 2019 ! He is a very friendly and cuddly Alpaca and has just started his journey walking with us!

Babmi and Frodo

Bambi (Left) and Frodo(Right) are never found too far from each other. Frodo is our other Suri Alpaca and like to pretend he's grump but is actually a very good walker. Bambi likes to stick with Frodo and is a bit of a baby without him. 


Saturn is quite a shy Alpaca, he likes to know he is safe with you but once he does he enjoys his walk and will happily walk alongside of you.


Al is nice slow walker, he likes to take his time and plod along. He likes to go out in bigger groups and is extremely greedy!


Simba is a lovely alpaca who is very calm and friendly. He's great for a cuddle and always like to sneak a snack in when out walking.


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