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Meditation and healing with Alpacas


We are incredibly excited to introduce you to our wonderful meditation and healing experience with the Alpacas! This sessions will be run by the amazing Jane and Rob and will include a relaxing group meditation outdoors in the Alpaca paddock with our 12 gorgeous boys and individual healing within the circle.
Alpacas are such calming animals and to be in their presence alone makes you feel tranquil and relaxed, so this is going to be a truly amazing experience. 
This is a 2 hour session, water will be provided but we recommend bringing along  a yoga mat or blanket to sit on.
We begin with a cleansing spray of the original Aura Mist from Jandre which is attuned to Archangel Raphael the master healer from the angelic Kingdom of Light asking him to join us for the healing session. Sitting in a circle we set our intentions for the session a deeply spiritual experience and crucially a moment to give voice to your inner most needs. Once we are all connected and in the circle Jane takes us through a deep grounding and cleansing meditation which you can do with your eyes open or closed allowing you to take in and meditate with the beautiful energy of you surroundings and the Alpacas.
Once you are in a completely relaxed state Jane and Rob will sit behind each of you, placing their hands on your shoulders bringing forwards the Angelic Reiki for you to feel the powerful healing energies of the kingdom of light.
Once the healing is complete for all,  Jane will bring you out of your meditation and Rob will use the sound bar to balance your energy while Jane connects the singing bowl bringing the meditation and healing to a close. There will be time after to speak to Jane and Rob and answer any questions you may have. 
You will also get the opportunity to hand feed the alpacas if you wish. 
These sessions are going to be run on:

Sunday the 6th at 10:30am
Friday the 18th at 6:30pm

Saturday the 17th at 1pm
Saturday the 24th at 10:30am

Sunday the 1st at 1pm
Sunday the 15th at 10:30am 

You can book any of these sessions and find times on our 'online booking' section of the website. 


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