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School & Care Visits


We love alpacas for their soicable and calming nature and we love to share this experience with other people. Alpaca visits can benefit people in so many ways, from therapy session, sensory experiences, educational visits and more. Just spending time in the presence of alpacas makes you feel amazingly calm and stree free and we want to share that feeling with as many people as possible!

Meet The Team

therapy alpaca


Simba is a lovely gentle soul. Hes very chatty and likes to tell you stories during our visits. He loves a cuddle and is very calm, which helps ease any nerves or anxiety in the group.



Oreo is the cheeky people loving paca of our herd. He LOVES cuddles, and all the attention he can get! He also likes to give kisses and check your pockets for snacks!


Rachael & Kelsey

Rachael & Kelsey will be your alpaca handlers for your visit. We have lots of experience with alpacas and will make your visit fun and informative and answer all your alpaca related questions.

Get in Touch

To enquire about us visiting your school/workplace/care home or event, please fill in the contact form and a member of the team will be in touch! 

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