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Frequently asked questions


Is alpaca fleece cruelty free?

Will the Alpaca's spit at me?

It is very unlikely for the alpacas to spit at you. They're very friendly and laid back.

They spit at each other quite often, especially when food is involved but only spit at

people when they feel threatened or scared!

Can children come on a walk?

Children ages 13- 16 must have an accompanying adult to walk with them however this adult can also be walking an alpaca. Children 12 and under must have an adult holding the alpaca with them and 1 adult per child. 

How long should i give for my experience?

How long  your experience is depends on what you're doing. Meet and greets last approximately 30 minutes. 

Walks last approximately 1 hour. We recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to your experience as walks have to start promptly due to other experiences scheduled throughout the day.

What if its raining on the day of my walk?

Light rain is fine with us and we can still go ahead with the walk however, if its raining heavily or very windy/dangerous conditions we will have to reschedule the walk. It's not very fun for you or the alpacas!

How to book a walking experience?

You can book your walking experience via our online booking system to book a specific date or you can purchase a voucher if you want to buy as a gift or for your self if you're not sure what date you would like. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Yes! Alpaca fleece and by products are completely cruelty free and it's actually completely necessary to shear them. Alpacas have to be sheared once a year to keep their temperature regulated, we shear our own alpacas and it's done in a way to keep our alpacas calm and happy!

How do I redeem a voucher?

To Redeem a voucher just give us an email on and let us know your voucher number. We have days during the week wednesda-friday or look on our  'alpaca experiences' page to see our weekend availability. 

Can i bring my dog?

As much as we love dogs here, Alpaca are naturally very fearful of dogs because of their flight response therefore no dogs are allowed on site. This does unfortunately include service dogs due to how distressed the alpaca's become.

How to find us?

As we are on a  farm we are down a farm track, if you direct your maps to 'poseypacas' it will bring you directly here. Our 'What3Words' is ///juices.tins.bolts

We are directly opposite Tong Park Hotel, on the same site as 'parkwood 4x4 centre' Please ring us if you have any issues. 

Please don't use the post code as it will bring you to the house next door to the farm. 

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