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Our raw unwashed alpaca fleece 2nds/3rds is perfect for nesting birds  and gardening.

Pop some in a bird feeder or out for birds/squirrels etc to collect for nesting between March and July. Alpaca fleece is a great way for these animals to make a cosy nest!

There are many wonderful uses for fleece in the garden such as:

Alpaca fibre mulching

For walkways between garden beds

Raised garden beds

Weed Barrier

Keeping pesky slugs off your precious tomoatoes (or other fruit and veg)


Bags may contain bits of twigs and other outdoor goodies as it is unwashed/raw straight from the alpacas.


For larger quantities please contact us to order.


Each bag is created from our own herd, hand sheared and packed right here on the farm, so you can be confiden that you are buying an ethical product that has been produced with love and care!

Raw Alpaca Fleece Bags

PriceFrom £4.00
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